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Strategy Statement

Our goal is to help you achieve well informed results and build internal capacity so you can keep producing the results you need to as you grow your business. This is done in a simple way by addressing what you think is happening, determine what is actually happening, measuring the gap, making a plan, implementing a solution, measuring the results, and rinse and repeat. You own the problem therefore you should also own the solution, so we don't feel the need to hide the little secrets of the trade from you. At the end you should be the expert in the solution, not just the problem.


We solve difficult problems by working with people and organizations that challenge the status quo, value knowledge creation and skills development, and are not afraid to build solutions for difficult problems. 


The MDMOTO Group is known for creating opportunities and tackling difficult local and global problems.  


We look for opportunities to create experiences and challenge the status quo. We co-create knowledge and develop skills to build capacity. We use models and methodologies to address problems and utilize knowledge to  disseminate solutions so that others can benefit. 

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