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The MDMOTO Group can advise organizations and their leaders in a number of areas, such as leadership coaching, organizational development, operational improvements, and project management. When you engage with us we can work out if you have a specific ask (known-known), such as business planning, or mini-literature review of a knowledge area. We can advise you on painful gaps (known/unknown) in your organization, such as high staff turnover, or low productivity. And, we can advise you on blind spots (unknown/unknown), such as espoused theories of action versus action in use, or cultural artifacts that create resistance to change. These services depend on the scope of the project under investigation. We also offer packages of hours that are good for 12 months, when you know you need some extra support but are not sure exactly when. 

General approach: each organization, culture, and person are unique but have underlying fundamental structures and systems. We start with understanding the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of the pain you’re feeling and whether its source is known or unknown. Then we’ll investigate to find your current state and highlight possible constraints and challenges. Next, we’ll help you to make an appropriate plan or how to tackle the challenge, followed by supporting the implementation plan. But most significant changes fail at implementation or revert back to the status quo, so we’ll continue to support you through that process. Once the change is implemented, we’ll help you to institutionalize it so it doesn’t fade away, and ensure you have the tools you need to maintain the improvement, and hopefully continue to make improvements on your own. 

Beautiful Landscape

Initial 1 Hr.

You: want to improve your bottom line, but also how you do it, and believe sustainability is a value you can integrate into your legacy. Use this initial hour to have a conversation to assess our fit.

Package 1

5 Hours of scheduled advising and coaching

($1000 CAD including taxes) 

Package 2

10 Hours of scheduled advising and coaching 

($1500 CAD including taxes) 

Mayan Retreat

 Jan 13-20, 2024

($3500 CAD plus GST) 

  • 100$
  • 1,000$
  • 1,500$
  • 875$
    Every month
    Valid for 4 months

Not sure which package applies?

[We'd like to talk to you anyway! Please let us know what your situation is through the Contact Form.]

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